Who are we?

Hello, welcome to the website for the annual Benton City Spring Opener Car & Bike show! (2019 pictures) The Benton City Spring Opener is brought to you through the cooperation of many local civic organizations. With the help of our amazing community, we have raised to-date over $70,000! Throughout 2020, we are aiming to raise an extra $10,000 to support our charitable causes. The proceeds of our non-profit (Benton City Spring Opener) show is used to help support youth activities in the community. Additionally, we use the show each year as a way to raise funds for different projects that provide for the community as a whole. For this year, we’re planning a fun-filled day with activities for the whole family including the main event big show, a fun run (in/on your wheels), kids activities, community resource fair, and a parade. We’re also hosting vendors of food, and other neat stuff (crafts) will be on the grounds throughout the day. The American Legion group is offering a special dinner after the parade, so be sure to plan for the street dance once the parade concludes.

With the help of the Benton City Economic Development Council, the first annual Spring Opener Car Show was held in 2000. Although we didn’t anticipate 20 years of charitable car shows, we are extremely fortunate to give back to such an amazing community! Throughout the last 20 years, we have provided classroom materials, donated shoes, and restocked food kitchens. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your consistent support. Although it’s tough to make a difference as an individual, collectively we can make a huge impact on our community. Fortunately, the annual car and bike show has allowed us to do just that!

Wherever you are, there are plenty of charity events to attend. If you’re near other charity car shows and cruises, then please go support! Benton City isn’t special because of our car show; however, we are special because of the people.

Charitable Car Detailing

Although our main event is the annual Benton City Spring Opener, we also host a few other events throughout the year. We don’t advertise our auto detailing events as much as the car show, but we do hold a few charity car details in the warmer months. Typically, we bring in professional detailers to detail cars for those in need. If you’re in need of some extra help, we would love to hear from you! Our detailers are available upon request, and are looking forward to connect with you. If you’re looking for some support, we would like to help. While a free car detail may not be a necessity, it could definitely help increase the value of your car. Within the last few years, we’ve helped host car detail events in Orlando, FL, Bakersfield, FL, and Denver, CO.

We’ve detailed plenty of vehicles in the past few years, but we hand-wash loads of automobiles too! Sometimes people may not want a full detail, so we opt for a simple hand wash instead. With our charitable actions, we simply love making a difference.

Have a question? Maybe just a comment? Contact us!